A LOGO is a visual identity….a BRAND is this AND the emotional perception as a whole about the product, person or service. Top quality imagery and actions with a concise message, targeted to the right audience will be successful and set marketing efforts in the right direction.

Identify what is truly your brand. What sets you apart from others that may be selling something similar. Why would someone follow your advice over someone else? What sets you apart from the others? Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining your brand moving forward.

• Are your talents being sold?
• Can anyone else fill your shoes?
• Are you known for the work you do?
• Are you selling your expertise/personality/guidance?

• Does the company have a well-know reputation?
• Can corporate history provide the reason for customers to buy?
• Will company size provide comfort for customer?

• What makes the services provided different?
• Is the service unique? Different from others in the same industry?

• Does the product require packaging?
• Will it create a need or demand for retail/wholesale purchase?
• Is it unique? Innovative? (special ingredients, widgets, bells and whistles, etc)?

Once the brand is defined, create a kick-ass look that will perfectly suit your needs with a clear, defined, targeted message that you will be able to use in all your marketing materials. If you are looking for a branding specialist, please contact Laura at Five Star Creative Group. 708-478-6005


EMAIL MARKETING—a Low Cost Solution

On a tight budget? There are many low cost ways to promote your business. Have you considered email marketing or press releases? In our electronic world, a targeted mailing list and catchy e-blast will get attention. Use analytics to measure the results. Has your company done something new or exciting? Why not do a press release! It is not typically used to "advertise", but humanitarian actions, exciting events or new product launches are noteworthy. Plus the more your name is out there in the internet, the better search engines will find your website and increase your SEO (search engine optimization). If you are interested, give us a call and we can talk about what direction will best suit your business.